Filipino inventor’s life soon a movie

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One unique storyline of an unheralded albeit locally and internationally awarded Filipino engineer-inventor is worthy to be made into a movie.

As stumbled upon by Caveat, an OFW named Horacio Freires almost got beheaded in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for his invention – how dirty, infected or salty water can be transformed into a healthy life-prologing drink. His invention, which was accidentally discovered in Saudi was reported on TV by Abner Mercado.

Testimonies of his invention’s efficacy from its pilot plant in Imus, Cavite is strengthened by the endorsement of leading advocates of safe drinking water like Jigs Soriaga of SchyTech Enterprises and her long-time friend, Azel Celestial, who also line produces for indie film outfits.

Freires’ life story as a graduate of BS Chemical Engineering from the Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Maynila (PLM) rewinds like a film. He worked as chief engineer in the late ‘80s at the dessert of Al Kharj, Saudi Arabia in-charge of the water treatment plant of a British-owned company that supplied the drinking water of the Saudi military camp.

But the Filipino engineer faced an impasse when the Bin Laden group of companies falsely accused him that his Reverse Osmosis Water Plant was the major cause of the water’s high pH problem causing untold health problems of many Saudis that made the kingdom spend millions of dollars in alleviating said condition.

Worse, he was facing decapitation on the ground that his drinking water at 10.2 pH level was poisoning them. Against all odds, he conducted scientific studies on his own bereft of support from his own recruiting company. He proved beyond doubt that the poisonous elements found in the water were from the leakages of Bin Laden’s distribution pipings.

Long story short, the engineer saved himself with his discovery of “quadratic equations on bicarbonate buffering.” In layman’s ter, the blood will die without the substances that keeps it healthy at 7.4 pH causing one to grow weak and sickly and to rapidly age and die.

In all, the life story of Freires on film will be his legacy to the Filipino people. According to line producer Celestial, it will approximate, if not surpass the Oscar multi-awarded film “A Beautiful Mind” portrayed by Russel Crowe with Ron Howard at the helm.

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