SOBBA Media Launching slated July 8.

SOBBA launched its latest product to media yesterday to top-rated editors locally and several big names in the blogging industry. The event was a success participated by the man behind the discovery, Chemical Engineer Horacio “Racie” Freires and the exclusive distributing company B2B, Inc. partners Jigs Soriaga and Gelyn Soleman.
Prominent attendees in include :

  • Ed Uy – Business Mirror
  • George Vail Kabristante – Pilipino Mirror/Manila Times/Blogger
  • Lorna Emata – Vanity Magazine
  • Peter Ledesma – Hataw / People’s Tonight
  • Myrns Roman – Arts and Travel PH
  • Ron Oriel Villagonzo –
  • Lou Ventigan –
  • Josh Hornilla – Couma’s Corner
  • Lucky Magno – Brand Magazine and
  • Henry Gadaingan – Broadcaster in Tacloban
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